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Well the first one in this space anyway! Writing a blog takes a bit of time and photo of cain practice and just that certain amount of confidence you have to have in yourself that convinces you that other people are interested in what you have to say about …well anything, or specifically in this case writing. Writing however covers a lot of ground because you can write about anything. Write about what you had for breakfast because that experience is unique to you. First Rule: Write what you know! “hey this guy likes two different types of eggs in the morning as well, just like me.” That’s how bonds are made and friendships formed. Sounds simple?

As your life progresses you learn more about what makes you tick, what motivates you and how you fit into the world as you see it. Everyday is a new blogging experience, some days more than others. My biggest problem is disciplining myself to sit down and write a few sentences about what’s going on with me. I definitely don’t want it to have that “dear diary” feel because that would bore even me let, alone my readers.

Right now I am currently in the hospital hopefully getting over a real bad foot infection and the daily dramas of that would curl your hair but I’m going to spare you that for another time. I know me, and one dishonorable mention could quickly escalate into an intolerant rant and rave all in one, and the last thing I want to do is scare you away. But be warned, it’s bound to happen.

Getting back to the writing though, thanks to some cool morphine shots and assorted pain killers I have come across “some cool ideas floating around in my head, kicking and screaming their way onto paper.” Another thing you might not know about me is not only am I paranoid but cautious to a fault. What if I preview my ideas here and someone snatches them? A lot of life’s dramas are all made up in our heads, and isn’t that one of the coolest things? See you next time!