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Hey There Readers, Please take your time to enjoy my new website. It’s a brand Morphine book covernew birthing process and I’d really like to share in your feedback, suggestions etc. I’m asking you to shared in the birth process as it were! I’ve had a bit of time on my hands due to a nasty foot infection which landed me in the hospital for three weeks of this lovely summer. Instead of writing about my travels and party highlights I’m writing about pain and surgery and learning to walk again.


This is not going to be a ‘woe is me entry’, we all have problems of our own. There will be time for that later (I look forward to your letters). What I’d like to point out is how to harvest the positive side of a murky situation. First of all try not to go head to toe with the Universe, especialy when it sends you the message that you need to slow down and, yes, smell the roses. I had so much on my plate I couldn’t really enjoy all of it as much as I’d like to, racing off to one airport after another, one event after another. This incident has forced me to see the people I care about more and meet a lot of friends whom I had previously not a lot of time for. Life is not a PBS special and I haven’t changed my ways totally but I’m going to set about a plan to amend them.

Old mans here got to get to the gym and get more of the basics, sleep and water! Who knew? As I rush toward the autumn of my years I realize that without your health, ya got nuthin. As a former personal trainer I know all the stuff to do, I just need a few friendly nudges to push me in the right direction and keep me there.

The real exciting part of this was that while I was almost constantly in pain which means I was almost constantly on pain killers, in the hospital it was the morphine that calmed me the most. A lot of the time it was really hard to focus on anything but the pain, but the writer in me decided to take the madness and sexual fantasies and just go for broke and over the top. The result is my latest offering ‘MORPHINE’. (On Kindle and all other digital formats) and It takes place in an English manor that passes for an institute that houses sexual deviants and is run by Viscount Hillary Preston. Hillary, who seems to have affected cures for man’s most basic instincts, invites his protege Sir Arthur Tinsdale come to Briarcliff Institute to learn of the doctor’s methods. And then watch as the mayhem ensues.

It’s clear I was fighting a lot of demons, morphine induced and otherwise to pound out this 22,000 word novella. There is a little bit of something for everyone, and as my usual trademark, one man’s perversion is another man’s vacation spot. There’s a lot of clear imagery and some murky ideals but don’t read it all in one sitting. Savor the mood, get to know the protagonists as Arthur does. Did I mention there is one mystery? Someone’s in a room at the top of the stairs!

A lot of my writing has explored a lot of ‘vanilla’ sex and veered off into other realms of …difference. I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Please enjoy my website and help us all get to know one another!