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photo of CainHey CainB fans, when last I left you I was putting on a brave face surrounding my injuries as though they were small and didn’t matter much. Well, they are big, were life threatening and I am still terrified …but…I can happily say that the MHRSA infection seems to clearing up. Slowly but surely my foot is starting to look like a foot again as opposed to raw meat day at the zoo. The doctor says the nerves along the drainage site are healing and that is why I am in such excruciating pain. Your e-mails of hope ad support are need and appreciated, thank you so much.

My survival package includes lots of television comedy (TOSH. O), day time dramas (don’t judge me) and my writing – I get lost in my writing. These are the secrets to surviving catastrophic health debacles. When the pain is to much to focus on new ideas, run to your treasure trove of old stories stashed on your flash drive. No, I have not abandoned “Bucky”, my mystery novel, I’m just putting it on hold till I can find fresh ideas to represent the old concepts. Everything old is new again.

I did find some early gems such as “Breakaway” and old fashioned strangers on a train kind of story, “The Pharoah Sons”, and “Ty’s Solution” – a tender love tale of when servants overstep their stations, a cautionary tale. Some would argue that all romance tales are cautionary tales. I use the exotic ambiance as gimmicky and romantic something to hang the story on…Sometimes, in my opinion, it is all that holds a tale together, and the ability to be a part of the story.

Please play close attention to “Warriors” when it comes out in a few weeks. I try to keep PC out of my fantasies and my bedroom. “Warriors” is about a young man who escapes into a desert oasis and falls in with a village of Indians/other people/Mayans. As writers we need to be aware of the “sensitivities” of our readers. But do we censor for them as a form of protection? Or do we drop the “F” bomb of “N” word because it is integral to the story? Weigh in mighty readers. What say you?

Neither tale is special to me as only my carnal juices go into these romance stories which I call my “fluff” pieces. They are warm and cuddly like plush toys. They give you a certain comfort that there but for the right location, and time, there goes you.

As you can see this web site is growing faster and more beautiful as the days go by, Jay Lancaster is doin’ it right. There are several features that we are working on that I want to comment on, but it can wait. Also my brilliant editor is working up a few surprises for my readers that is bound to inspire other writers as she has me. Dawne Dominique is blowing me away with the kind of book covers where I find myself sometimes writing to see what she’ll get out of it.

This health/foot issue is not going to be finished to August and maybe September, on the other hand, no sweat and I’m creating, meeting folks and catching up to my online famly. When the Universe comes a calling better answer.

Round up: Thanks for visiting my site and reading my blog. I take nothing for granted. Please stop by my guest book and add a few words, ask some question, offer up some suggestions, it means a lot to me to know theres someone out there interested….Oh by the way my banner is up and ready to fly so if you’re interested in doing a banner exchange by all means contact me. I love our community! There’s the doorbell. Until next time!