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book cover Pharaohs SonsHeat waves, Earthquakes and Hurricanes, right outside my New York door. I’m not sure being confined inside is such a bad thing after all. I must admit, laid out here in bed with my i-Thingies and my ideas, I’m a happy camper. Only the pain as the foot heals, jolts me every now and then back to reality, as if hours of BBC News isn’t jolting enough.

The good news is I’m now walking with a cane and doctor’s computer print out confirms that the infection in my foot was just an old fashioned, nasty infection and NOT, repeat NOT MRSA! I’m not sure why, but I feel a lot better, although I still feel as if I’ve dodged a serious bullet.

book cover BreakawayMy latest literary offerings BREAKAWAY and PHARAOH’S SONS is from my “light stuff’ offering. I have a few more tales in the archives that I touch up a bit, to maybe add a bit of modern day edge. BREAKAWAY is a tale about love finding a guy whose kinda given up and decided being a player is what it’s all about, until he meets every gay man’s nightmare. The ‘trick‘ that won’t go away.

In PHAROAH’S SONS I go sweet, as two young princes find love among the sand dunes. Yeah I got a sweet side. I’m not, nor was I always this cynical. The thing about these two stories is there is no backstory, no exercising of demons or axes to grind.  It’s my occasional homage to simple sex and romance. I admit under this gruff exterior lies a true romantic.

If you’re wondering what happened to my mystery novel effort, it’s on the back burner. Actually two of them:  it’s a slow process. In the meantime I still explore other literary avenues I have yet to explore. I’m hoping that every one who visits this website and reads this blog will add their comments, suggestions and just greetings to my guestbook. My sources say a lot of countries have visted here, Thank you! Hope to hear from all of you!

Cain Berlinger

New York, New York