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photo of author Cain BerlingerThere is a segment of the Internet community that cruise web sites of a social-sexual nature,  reads or skims profiles in search of love, friendship but mostly NSA (no strings attached) sex. Certainly those of us who do the sites all have horror stories of our own to tell. Segments of that group believe many others are just as attracted to chopped up profile pics than say, a face. Whose to say a hot torso , or a pic of someone’s chest or abs isn’t the key to ‘happily ever after’? Better yet, no pics at all creates an air of mystery. Seems half the Internet is in the witness protection program. Are you ready for your mystery date? My theory is if you run into someone over the age of 10 and they claim no pictures of them exist, run! But remember there are exceptions to every rule, ah’m jest sayin’!

So getting back on topic, you have probably figured that I shouldn’t even be on these sites if that’s the cynical way I feel. Truth is not all experiences have been the stuff of Wes Craven movies. That being said I do have a serious pet peeve and thats the guys who are to lazy to read/write a profile. They want to do phone. There are merits to the phone connection. Sometime a voice can tell you a lot about a ‘hook-up’. Some folks get turned on by a voice. Although a voice can be misleading. Some of us have so fine tuned our fantasy of ‘Mr.Right’ that a nasal voice, stutter, or over use of ebonics can make or break a connection.

Once you get past the voice there’s that question of what do you talk about? If your like me, all the pertinent statistics are in my profile, and if there is one thing I hate its redundancy. Read the profile. Don’t give me your phone number because on a first time ‘maybe‘ because I won’t call you. I don’t write it down, I don’t save the e-mail, and my phone contacts is already full of asterisks (#’s from before I instigated the no call policy).

Usually after the initial “what’s up”? theres the usual (already in profile) questions, and if that doesn’t bore you they’ll try to ease you into sex chat, which if your into that, its cool but this is about me and I’m not into phone sex, why else would I be here!

Other reasons I don’t do phone is that I’m a major multi -tasker. Asking me to do phone means your asking me to devote all my attention to you. I will be watching television, if this is a first call chances are you won’t be as interesting as anything I’m watching be it ‘local news’ or another ‘Criminal Minds’ marathon. I will likely be ‘chatting’ with someone else on line usually a friend with whom we share a mutual interest. Aside from surfing I’ll be paying bills maybe, or working on a story. The point is I’m always in the middle of something else and until proven we have a chance (which would be indicated in a complete profile) theres no reason to waste valued time with you at this point. Even in casual hook ups I have to know theres something more on the table than a sexual connection. I’m not particularly a people person, isn’t this reason enough?  Ah’m jes say’in….LOLebook cover Ty's Solution

This weeks offering is TY’S SOLUTION a romance story that uses BDSM and forced restraint as romantic tools between star crossed lovers .  I call it one of my softer offerings. Sometime we express our needs through the tools and whatever choices are available to us at the time.  TY’S SOLUTION is a universal theme of two people facing society’s judgements of dating within our own race, conflicting social status and the way they can keep normally rational people apart. TY’S SOLUTION is only one of life’s many options. Until the next time! Enjoy