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Wow oh wow for a guy who loves to write I’ve been sadly remiss in keeping my blog postings up. Thanks to you all of you who reminded me of my responsibility to my readers, but I have an excuse. My foot’s getting better! I’m using a cane now (yes, Cain on cane…get it out yer system.) and getting out of the house in time to enjoy Autumn in New York, arguably the best time of the year. Unfortunately no pain really can mean no gain, so the better I’m getting the more pain but hey, inspiration has to come from somewhere. When you are a writer, inspiration comes in all shapes from all places and let’s not forget that there’s nothing on television that can’t be redone to fit our own sense and sensibilities. Special thanks go out to the men and women of Fetlife.com. There are some wild ideas out there, a gold mine waiting to be tapped!

I hope that you had a chance to enjoy Return to Canyon Ranch, one of the two sequels that I have ever written. As a writer I feel I should challenge myself and not bore my readers, so when the spirit presents itself I try my hand at different genres. Canyon Ranch isn’t my first Western themed tale but definitely the most involved. As I love to say, the story began to write itself, and when the story itself makes me happy I’m convinced my readers will enjoy my enjoyment in presenting it to them. Patterned after the American TV classic “Bonanza”, the story follows the adventures of the stud brothers Ross, as they battle cattle rustler Whip Dagger, in his plot to avenge what ends up being merely a broken heart.

This week we plunge in to the behind the scenes world of The Rock Star and the hard luck life they lead behind the scenes and the men hired to protect, and yes even to love them.

Many of my fans have come to recognize many of my tales as having a hard edge sometimes even dark side to them, but every now and then I bridge the gap between drama, romance and sheer fun, and The Rock Star is one of those stories. More about my Dark Side in my next blog installment as “Tales from the Darkside”, my first anthology in e-books and hard copy makes its release around October 21 just in time for Halloween. Not all monsters actually look like monsters but appear in the guise of hot sultry men who have all been noble agendas!

I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for the constant encouragement of my fans and well wishers! I have to tell you a big part of the healing process comes from friends and supporters encouraging me to get well…and soon! I can’t thank all of you enough for the healing vibes (and guestbook postings) coming my way. Believe me nothing humbles you more.

Some really cool surprises lie ahead as the seasons begin to pile up! My final word for this blog is my thanks to Steve Jobs. R.I.P.

See you on the next rung!