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A film by acclaimed director Almodover is a sub titled masterpiece named “The Skin I Live In”. It’s the best film I’ve enjoyed in a long while, starring Antonio Banderas, who knew? There was a time I used to fancy myself as a film buff until I matched wits with the contestants of “Who wants to be a millionaire” during movie buff week. Here are some things you already know. And that is life is full of humbling experiences that force you to grow up and face the fact that you aren’t as perfect as you may have thought you were back in your youth, and people aren’t always as you see them in black and white but shades of gray, providing writers with various templates that apply in depicting human beings in often challenging situations.

The seven deadly sins are always going to be applicable to everyone even though few of us are going to be guilty of ALL of the sins. It’s a safe bet you can latch onto any one of them to exploit in your main character, maybe two or more to the villain (if there is one) in the piece. The author can play god and decide whether his/her characters are going to be held accountable or not. It’s the most fun of being a writer.

With erotica, it’s with certainty your main characters are going to be bringing sex to the table along with desire and greed. Sex of course is an important part of erotica, which is what I like to think is what I do. I consider it porn when you take out the sex and there is no story left. Erotica is when you can remove the blatant sex and still have a viable storyline.

When I first started writing I was told that there are only twenty five workable scenarios. Therefore it has always been my goal to come up with some of the most unlikely scenarios and pairings that I can think of, and I believe I have been successful at doing that in many instances.

In writing TWINS I was simply playing to an old theme. I had never written a story involving twins and knew little about them. I had to do research on the types of twins I was going to do. Fraternal or identical. The old theme of the ‘evil twin’ is played with here without ever knowing in the end if there ever was an ‘evil’ twin, and in the end is there a ‘triumph’? Introducing Victor as an ‘innocent’ was just a challenge to the reader. However you saw Victor, would define who you saw as the ‘evil’ twin. I must admit the challenge for me was trying to tell Tracy and Trent apart, especially for the final scenes.

When I wrote LOVE BOAT I was attempting to parody the popular 70’s television show “The Love Boat”. The story is about two lovers who find each other, lose each other, then find each other again. The story hangs on a caricature of a devious film actor who wants to destroy the lovers happiness. When I wrote the story many years ago, it was meant as a light hearted romp, but life experiences since then obviously put me in a darker more cynical albeit realistic space. So when I brought it out of the archives for a much needed rewrite, I added the ‘bad guy’ and all the darkness that he brought with him. Of course in the end it all works out well, or does it? (insert spooky halloween music) to be continued…