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The weather’s changing, the leaves are falling and I’m enjoying the use of my silver tipped walking cane. Not a little surprising, but I’m getting people deferring to the ‘old guy on a stick’ and getting seats on the subway. It’s just one of the things I might miss being legally in the ‘handicap’…oops I mean physically challenged category. The last couple of weeks have sped by, with me spending more time in the Apple offices trying to ‘iCloud’ sync up my ‘devices’. Challenging, but satisfying once it’s been resolved. I want to thank my readers for checking in on my guest page and leaving me cheers, encouragement and no jeers on my career and health advancement.

The by now, much documented foot injury was nature’s call for me to slow down. I narrowed it down to focusing on my sex-fetish website, my sex fetish parties, and my sex-fetish writings. Truly there is a pattern being established here. The general wisdom has always been a)”if you count the nickels and dimes the dollars will take care of themselves” and b) “If you do the thing(s) you love, you can’t help but be good at it and then the bucks will follow”. The jury is still out on both of those adages but I have to say, I’m having a good time just sitting here waiting for your cards and letters.

While struggling with the DVR trying to keep up with all the new shows on network and cable, I’m being captivated by the European dramas over seas, wondering if the collapse of the euro is going to somehow trigger my having to find a 9-5 back here in the good ol’ US of A. Once again I dream about my life in Amsterdam and resuming its many pleasures!

This week’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 2300 AD is the first in a series. Can a genetically altered street fighting gladiator find happiness with a haughty, self centered opera divo (male version of diva)? Part one is where the two lovers first connect up in a dramatic kidnapping attempt. Part Two not only focuses on their escape but Haydan Petigrew, the sadistic warden of the prison where the street fighter has escaped.

The warden’s a real hard ass and practices some rather unsavory methods of keeping his men in line while enjoying himself at the same time. There’s bound to be a lot of emotional and physical activity with these startling personalities in tow.

HEIR (out 2nd December) is another juicy-kink installment in the Daddy Ben series. The story of a man basically building a ‘family’ by rescuing hot young men from some challenging circumstances.

In HEIR Jean-Luc is the nephew of a wealthy french attache who is kidnapped by unsavory types. Despite what they do to him, it seems to just get his dick hard. Wonder what that’s all about? It’s a short but entertaining read.

“It’s hard to keep momentum when it’s you you’re following” – Evita.