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I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday of choice and brought in 2012 with all the hope and promise we so righteously expect! First let me say that I managed to avoid all the hoopla and holiday excuses for not getting shit done by simply going away. I was very fortunate to get away on a three week cruise to the French Polynesia. My first time South of the Equator, and I got a certificate to prove it! Woo-hoo.

Normally I prefer my travel by plane but when opportunity presents itself, you don’t question. I learned that from my summer debacle with my foot. (Which is still in its final healing phase). First we had to fly to Los Angeles and board the boat there and then six days of ocean before Hawaii. I love Hawaii, been there before, both times by boat. One day I expect to spend some quality time there. Not only did I make new friends but I have buddies who moved there years ago. Although the place is pricey, you have to know where to go to get around things. I tell my visitors to New York the same thing before introducing them to Jack’s 99 cent store and Lower Broadway.

The trip would continue on to several more islands including Bora Bora and Tahiti. Yep, those famous isles we’ve heard so much about. More about these fascinating islands in up-coming postings.

Never to forget my raison d’etre I penned a cool short story entitled BLOOD RED CHRISTMAS, okay so I’m a bit of a humbug, but only in the most playful of ways. Blood Red Christmas is actually a homage to an old classic you Tales from the Crypt fans might recognize. Ho HO HO and a Merry Xmas to you! Chop-Chop.

Now a bit more about the ship. The ship was basically child free (there were 2) and the demographic was pretty much on the 70% seniors plus side. Take my advice kids, travel while your young and have your health. Your biggest concern aboard should be getting Internet access that won’t cost and arm and a leg, NOT whether you can afford the on board doctor. Taking a cruise is and should be about resting, de-stressing and worrying about health and weight.

Shipboard food is notorious for being occasionally healthy, often rich, and delicious food around the clock. The choice of entrees, appetizers and lets not forget those creative desserts is mind boggling. You might as well leave the table and hit the gym, go eat, then hit the gym. I tried with a modicum of success. So food is plentiful and the service, the waitstaff was nothing short of incredible. Even after a couple of weeks of established familiarity, they never failed to address me as ‘Sir’, how much do I love that!

There were of course minor human dramas but nothing I wish to taint this report with, maybe later if you ask nicely. The cruise director is a former “8 is enough” child actor whose name is I believe, Willy Aames. He was terrific, and damned hot looking!

Watching movies, eating, checking mail (when I could) I still found time to put the finishing touches on VENGEANCE, a novel sized tale about a super model who learns the hard way that not only can you never go home again, but that it’s usually a bad idea!

I’m really loving the response to the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 2300AD series and now BEAUTY AND THE BEAST2300AD; PRISON FALCONE carries the story even further, I love it when I can hold your attention. One other story that held my attention as we bounced along the waves….yes, I did have one night of really rough sea-sickness but thankfully it passed, now I’m getting over a head cold, annnyyyyway…..but as I was saying…HERCULES AND NERO offered up some light fun reading/writing with nary a dark side to it. I think I’m getting a reputation for looking at the dark side of relationships. Hercules and Nero are more Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, didn’t they die at the end? Never mind, Hercules and Nero stay very much alive.

So even though I didn’t have a lot to say in the blog lately I was still thinking and writing to you dear reader. To all of you who have written me greetings, thank you so much for the well wishes and your comments. I do appreciate each and every one of them. Please keep writing to me in my guestbook and I will answer them all in time. I appreciate your support. You folks are the ones who keep me hanging on!

Happy New Year, and a Blessed 2012!