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Already into the second half of the first month of the New Year and guess what? I turned 59 years old on January 24! For years I used to add an extra year to my birthdate so when the real age came around it wouldn’t seem such a shock. This year I honestly couldn’t remember whether I was 60 or 59. The good thing is that as a gay black man, black don’t crack and, oh did I mention that I’m gay? IMHO I still look good! Just a few touch ups here and there, nothing a gym stint won’t fix and tighten up.

Recently I discovered “writers’ block”. Working on one story for the last couple of weeks now and just can’t seem to ‘work’ it but I won’t give up till it’s done. Let me tell you the tale as it is: The story started out as two guys in a department store getting it on while security watches. The End. Needs a story. So it morphed into a tale of exhibitionists and voyeurs. No longer about a person or persons, but about the apartment building that houses them. So now a nice ending and onto the editor. Some tales need a lot of prodding.

I told you I’d give you a little more detail about my recent cruise past South of the Equator which was a trip of a lifetime. When stopping at Christmas Island, passengers were taken to the Island by ‘tenders’ (life boats), smaller boats that could carry passengers safely over the corals and to the beach landings. The island was poor and kind of looked like a trip through the backwoods of a southern backwater with palm trees rather than a tropical Pacific island. I explored the island while my partner went swimming. (I don’t swim) I passed a house that resembled an old but roomy cabin. The man inside was a 75 year old New Zealand sailor who had met his wife (65) on the island many years ago and he stayed. He invited me inside to meet his family which included his wife, his children and their children. They told me they had little water and were struggling to maintain. Meanwhile the tide had shifted and the tenders could not get back to the boat for fear of damaging the tenders until the water was high again. So passengers were stuck on the island. The ship sent us water, sandwiches and potato chips. One passenger offered sandwiches and chips to the children who watched us from the pier. Another passenger made a big fuss over sharing with non-passengers and got into a fist fight with yet another passenger over it. Luckily the fight was broken up and the children enjoyed their chips. More about my trip later.

Yes, I have a new boy that I am training, mentoring and bringing into the Leather community. He is also getting in touch with his body and learning more about his own sexuality. He will learn about his limits and how far the journey will take him. Not just sex but learning about what makes up a ‘community’ and the importance of being socially responsible. When training your sub, be sure he/she supports the community any way they can and then get it all on paper and you’ll have your next novel.

And now VENGEANCE, a cool tale about a troubled kid who is abused at home, runs away to the big city, finds his first daddy and goes on to be a hot New York model. To flaunt his success he goes home to confront his dad. After that the tale takes on a surprising turn and introduces a few intriguing characters.

So that’s what’s in my life for the moment. Went to the theatre to see MEMPHIS and JERSEY BOYS – both were really great. Every time I go to a show I wonder how I can turn it into a tale of hot eroticism, you’ll soon be seeing the results of what that kind of thinking can do to a man.

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