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Hello my friends, seems like it’s been awhile since I posted last. As usual I have no excuse other than life is what happens when your making plans to sit down and write a blog. For starters I’ve just returned from: Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment

Puerto Rico is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide. Close to 4 million people live on the “Island of Enchantment,” with more than a million in the greater San Juan metropolitan area alone. It is a vibrant, modern, bilingual, multicultural society, one that has been molded by Spanish, African, Native American Tainos with influences from the United States. The weather was gorgeous, the beaches pristine. The highlight, of course, is always a visit to old San Juan and a visit to El Morro fort. If you get a chance, google it. Fascinating.

While strolling the many shops, I saw this amazing sculpture in the window of an art gallery. It was several heads on a coil. When you’re a writer your inspiration can come from anywhere. In the course of the week with few distractions, I churned out ‘The Calendar Club’, which is a pseudo mystery, loaded with an ample amount of man on man encounters. I’m really happy when I can practically write it in my head and translate it online before I forget. Twists and turns complete this really cool tale I hope you’ll enjoy. Returning to New York is always a cultural turn around from wherever you’ve been.

I also returned home to some good news. I’ve been nominated for a “Gaybie” award.


2012 TLA GAYBIE AWARDS, Are honoring what they feel was the very best work in gay-themed literature and movies from the past year. This year’s nominees were hand-picked by our TLA staff and the gay public for favorite movies, books, actors, television shows, blogs and festivals. The winners will be announced April 15th. Follow the link above then scroll to e-books (my category) highlight the book (Prison Boy Toy), then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the large VOTE button at the bottom of the page to record your vote. “It’s just an honor to be nominated” but I’d love to win!

There are several good offerings from me coming your way, “Exhibitionists and Voyeurs” is a cool tale about the men who like to watch and be seen. And this is actually a romance! “Cowboys and Indians” is one from the vaults. Simple tale, Cowboy meets Indian, Indian fucks Cowboy, blah blah romance, the end. It’s a fun tale like you’ve imagined the west might have been. “The Black Masseur” is a fetish tale on more than just one level. If you’ve never had a massage this will give you a blow by blow description written by this former massage therapist (me)! Quite an eclectic offering when you consider moving from the old west, to a massage room, to America’s corporate offices “Corporate Game” is the first of a series of what happens behind all that glass and steel.

On a more serious note: Our literary genre is under siege like anything fun and personal in an election year. Paypal and a few of our distributers of erotic literature are attempting to regulate how we chose to spend our personal time. They’ve released a list of what we can and cannot write about (or what YOU can’t read about). Not so long ago my book “Daddy’s Boys” was pulled by Amazon and others because ‘boys’ in the title, to them represented underage activity within. Nothing being further from the truth. Daddy’s Boys is about an older man rescuing young men around the world and bringing them to America to be a part of his extended family. Practically a Disney tale. Alas, the powers that be are out of touch with not only current rhetoric/jargon but aren’t bothering to take the time to learn. Apparently anything with “boy” “daddy” “bears” (beastiality oh my) in the title is suspect. There is a grass roots movement to stop, educate and get them to release the attempted stranglehold on our imaginations. We are adults, we write for adults, and expect to be treated like adults.

Thanks for hanging in here with me, till next time! Don’t forget to sign into my guestbook and share your thoughts.