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Writing a blog with any regularity is hard. Doing the stuff I’d think you’d want to read about is what’s keeping me from writing a regularly-timed blog. Writing a book or short stories takes up a lot of time, time I could be writing a blog but then I’d have nothing to say. Confused? Don’t be. Just making excuses and trying to keep my apology humble. Don’t worry, it will unfortunately happen again. As a favorite television detective is fond of saying : “Just bear with me”.

My last blog told of my adventure to Puerto Rico and the wonderful town of Old San Juan. In all that time I was still using my cane, reluctantly, but when the occasion called for it…. some of you may recall my unfortunate foot infection which had me laid up for most of 2011, so what I saved I’m trying to make up for in 2012. With that in mind, please note the foot is still healing, but healing none the less. Thanks to many of you for your notes of support! Diabetes is the culprit here so blame my life long fascination with chocolate and junk food for my foot’s slow return.

Nevertheless I rarely post my travels until I return from them so I’ll have something interesting to say but this time I have to announce my journey on one of the longest trips (with time changes 24 hours) for anyone, especially me. I am off to Hanoi and Bangkok! I may actually post pictures on Facebook for this one. I told my travel planner that I’m in it for the food and sex and maybe an ‘attraction’ or two. My traveling companion was stationed in VietNam during the war and for some reason is very anxious to return to what can only be described as a makeover. Yes, I’ll keep you posted.

As many of you know, I am also a Leatherman for many years. Much of those years experiences went into several of my books. As the weather gets warmer there are events I attend with my wonderful partner and my boy-in-training. Nothing like seeing old time events through the eyes of a newbie. After 26 years of International Mister Leather it will still seem fresh and new as seen through the eyes of my boy.

There’s more to tell about this coming year, but for now what I’ve disclosed so far should hold you.

In my publishing house is an author whom I am very very much a big fan of, and he, as he says is of me. He is an extremely prolific writer as I can be as well. Recently I’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to match his phenomenonal output and it seems in my zeal I’ve created three very memorable pieces. On the Downlow, Gang of Brothers, and Bewitched, I Fucked With a Porn Star. I have been told that to develop discipline I should set aside an hour every Monday to do my blog. A writer can’t dictate when he/she is going to be in the mood to write. Sometimes the prose flows, writes itself, or just lays on the keyboard DOA. All three stories came from my “idea” file. Things I thought would be a good idea at the time but never acted on them. On the Downlow is about a gang banger who gets hung up on a Pakistani drag queen. I try to be different and try to include everyone in my stories. I promise you the other two are just as broad-based. Unlike the current Masseur, which is just about a nice guy caught up in an ‘interesting’ profession.

According to my editor, they were all swift butt kicks for me to get into motion and write more. Another thing suggested to me is that if I want to get more paperbacks out there, I might want to soften some of my Hitchcock endings into something lighter and less grim. I guess some of you need a happy ending, so I’m working on it. Be sure and tell me how ah’m doing!

In light of a recent attempt to silence some of our more edgy writers by some over zealous distributors, we were forced to kind of rethink, if not our stories at least some of our our titles ( I Fucked With a Porn Star is fine, nothing to do with ‘boys’ or ‘daddies’ in the title). It’s clear some of the pencil pushers have never had a ‘daddy’ or been in love with a ‘bear’. Education, it’s needed everywhere. Anyway, I’m on a bit of a roll so I’m going to cut this short and say I love that your following me (MrCain on Facebook and Twitter) and I hope many of you will write me and tell share what’s on your mind. “Enough about me. What do YOU think of me?” Please leave a few words in the guestbook so I can reach out to you as well. I remain….