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Found this picture of a totem in old San Juan, nice eh?

Spring springs eternal? Just back from a fascinating time in of all places Cleveland, Ohio, which also happens to be the place of my birth. Cleveland hosted an event known in the leather community as CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend) which is a weekend of shopping, networking and workshops. The event beat me out years ago for a community service award, but I have to admit it is still well deserving, and continues to be one of the foremost of leather events.

A few leather icons were present and its scary how the passage of time can ravish the most sturdy of us. I always find it odd how everyone seems to be aging but me. Oh well, good genes I guess.

It was also notable for a writers’ panel that featured Tim Brough, Gloria Braeme, Race Bannon, Guy Baldwin and Jack Rinella. All of the panel are well known and respected fetish and kink writers who have been in the forefront of kinky literature for many years. The panel seemed to agree that e-books are definitely the wave of the future if not what’s happening now, as book store after book store closes and E-readers rise in popularity. Since I wasn’t invited to be on this year’s panel (next year I’ve been asked) I missed the first half of what seemed to be a really informative discussion.

My creative process these days seem to come in spurts. The last month has seen me really producing such soon to be classics (if I do say so myself) Bewitched, On the Downlow, Gang of Brothers and The Contest. The stories are my attempt to display a lighter approach to my writing (happier endings), only time will tell whether I’ve succeeded or not. All I know is that I am constantly presenting Dawne, cover artist extraordinaire, with challenging cover ideas and she returns the serve with brilliance! Some of my stories are inspired by wondering what Dawn’s artistic view of my tales will be. I’ve given her a Pakistani drag performer and a transgendered body builder and a demon from beyond! I try to keep it interesting for my reader and my artist. I try…

I have several ideas brewing even as I write my ever late blog. I’ll be turning off the phone and television and digging in soon enough. Come the summer I intend to start working on my series of meditation books highlighting the seasons. I like to impress my readers with my diversity, not just in the characters I create but the genre of books I write as well.

Some of you may remember how last year a freak infection curtailed my travel activities for many months. This year I’m determined to make up for lost time. My next planned trip is for Hanoi and Bangkok, no doubt a rich mine of creativity waiting to be mined.

Meanwhile here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful season and download a ton of my books onto your kindle, iPad, Nook, and whatever else you may be using to make your travel rides more fun! And please don’t forget to visit my guestbook and sign in with your comments and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best. Cain Berlinger