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Hey there fellow writers and fans o’ mine! As always I beg your forgiveness on the tardiness of my blog but hopefully you will forgive me when I tell you of all I have been doing while gathering up inspiration for my writer’s inspiration.

In a quiet nod to my sexual self I decided to host one of my parties on a Sunday afternoon in response to those who claim Sunday is their day of “joyful reckoning”. (My words not theirs, of course.) Was busy, work and great fun all the same.

Enough of that “dark side” of me. A friend and I decided to take ten days off and visit Hanoi, Vietnam for a few days and continue on to Bangkok. Both cities were crowded, hot, humid, and a complete cultural shock. In a good way of course. Vietnamese food was pretty interesting while Thai food was a little spicy for my taste. It seems the natives dumb down the food for westerners while the real adventurers enjoy all the fine variety of flavors such a culture has to offer.

A communist country like Vietnam seems to have embraced new rules that allow the Vietnamese to strut their capitalist feathers, and indeed they do, to the point of an aggressive sales approach that would put any New Yorker to shame! Whatever you may have heard about the infamous traffic in Hanoi is true. Crossing the street is a life threatening adventure.

The beauty of Bangkok is in its freedom and ability to still save Bangkok of the 60’s and merge it with the growth of the new millennium. The “land of a 1000 temples” is extraordinary and photos don’t capture the beauty and craftsmanship of many of the temples inside and out.

It is no surprise that much of my writings include diverse cultures and a kind of off beat sensibility, the kind that one develops when traveling and exposing yourself to new ideas. The more travel expands your imagination the broader your fantasies reach.

The last of my May travels was to Chicago for the annual International Mister Leather, a convention of over 20,000 men and women into leather, kink, and fetish. Yes, dear reader I can pretty well write about these topics because the practitioners of said kink etc etc is MY family. I get many of my ideas from being with my “family” and sharing some of their stories as well as my own, with you, the reader. Visually the convention is a an amazing mix of “you-name-it” and it’s represented here and fuels every man or woman’s fantasy from Borg-style leather gear to giving yourself over to your animal spirit puppy and farm animal style (I bet you really want to know more now don’cha?) If you remember ‘Daddy’s Boy’s’ you may remember the hot tattooed ‘daddy’ on the cover. That picture was taking at the convention market place and the gent was asked if we could put him on the cover to which he kindly consented. Sometime, the story just walks up to you!

See you next installment. What did you think of this one? Visit my guest book and let me know, your comments are important to me.