Since my last writing there hasn’t been that much going on. Writing is now consuming my life and as I said back in january, my goal is to increase my web presence and that means writing writing and more writing.

I am delighted with my current publisher Lydiapress. Since the closing of LYD (Love you divine ) I was worried that all my e-books published under them would disappear n an electronic puff of smoke. Luckily LydiaPress has sved me by taking my stories and sticking them into anthologies. How exciting. My clever publisher Dahlia, managed to mix and match stories with similar groupings. Some of them I add to add new stories to make up the word count of 40-50 thousand words in order to make it into hard print.

Dawn Dominique, the cover artist who is responsible for all the covers since i started in this crazy business has counted to amaze me with her brilliant covers. I must admit that some stories I write with her in mind. Stories written to challenge her to come up with appropriate covers. She delivers every time! Well, 99.9% of the time. Nobody’s perfect.

The thing about the anthologies is that usually the first couple of stories are written in my old style, including graphic sex scenes. My new stuff yes in another direction Moe story and character development and most f the sex is implied or a little less graphic. The new style lets the reader get to know the person and therefore be a little more invested in the sexual aback. I think many of my readers will like the idea. It seems to be the public wants a little more challenge in their gay male relationships.

I’ve scouting a bit for other houses to work for, not that I’m going to leave Lydia press but I like to keep my options open and nt mess with the ‘Cain Berlinger’ brand. There will be another ‘nm de plume’. And if your wondering if I can dance at two weddings I believe the answer is yes, because I can write up a storm especially when motivated. Let’s face it , a lot of what it is that we do involves a lot of ego.

I’ve also introduced a lot of dialog int my writing, letting the chacrectes to the talking as it were. fd that is ne strength I can exploit. Try as I might ‘happy romances’ elude me but Science Fiction and horror just might be my calling as I seem to do well with it especially with sales of my earlier writings still going strong. To my fans, thank you so much for your support. I intend to be all over the Internet. You can or should find me were ever writers gather. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, andMrCainB_writer I look forward to your feedback and support
and some fresh ideas that even I haven’t thought of .

One of my other pending projects is my documentary in the works tentatively titled “Five Kinky Writers” which is exactly what it is. I have gathered the support of several of our communities eel known writers to sit down with me for a quick chat about what it is that they do and why and how they do it. I hope to have it finished in time for International Mister Leather in Chicago next May 2015.

My other focus for 2014 involves getting my apartment swap ready for travelers around the world.The place is all cleaned up for visitors. Pictures available on request (or watch this site). Did I miss anything?Health is fine but computers are driving me crazzzzy! But I guess I am stronger for it.

If any of my readers out there can think of any websites I should be on please send me the link and tell me what else it is that I can do for you besides writing and writing and getting better at what it is that I do

I look forward to your feedback and support and maybe even some fresh ideas. Last month’s blog was in a zip file I apologise till I learn how to work pictures into my blog efficiently.Meanwhile, stay in touch.

Cain Berlinger
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