Aug 1, Man do things get away from you when your busy combining work and a good time. You don’t wanna hear about my good times (do you?) Amsterdam, what more can I say? Amsterdam Gay pride week? The party is ongoing till Sunday’s big city blowout. Meanwhile I’m having a serious disagreement on my story “IF I SHOULD DIE” which has been retooled, retitled and sent out for submission outside my current publisher. Still waiting. Like auditioning all over again. Cross your fingers for me guys, I have four submissions out there as i ‘audition’ for additional publishers. With “If I should die” maybe its the unfortunate title that has brought the not-to-great bad luck. I don’t want to say to much about it but publishers who try to ‘teach’ their writers should do so at the beginning of their career not after said writer has successfully published over 500 articles, books, e books, columns etc. In the end I suggested we agree to disagree on several key points one of them being raising the word count from 7k to 25k for an e-zine. This story is still unfolding, here’s hoping that it ends well. There are so many bizarre factors that it could be a story in itself so I’m gonna save it for now. Rejection notices are part of the business.

I’ve realized that romance is not my strongest forte but science fiction, irony and horror just may be the broad brush that’ll allow me to spread my imagination. I’ve been submitting stories to every publisher I can find mostly dealing in those genres. I have to admit its fun thinking about it and actually getting some decent money out of it. Live and learn kiddies, write and earn. in the meanwhile my web developer is getting my book site and other sites all under one roof and so far I like what I see. It’ll go ‘live’ any day now.(As of his posting it is up and running! Live! ) Please tell me what you think of it and give me some feedback. I am being led to believe that I have to really promote and get into you guys head so help me out will you? In the meantime starting a new story today and you are going to love it! May get out of the house today and enjoy the beautiful weather and dance festivities that kick off the weekend here. Amsterdam, with all its wnderfulness does have weird weather, dry ,wet, dry ,we. It’s like they say; if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” 

August 2 and Its finally the end of Gay Pride. Amsterdam takes their Gay folk seriously. The boat parade was as colorful as ever. ‘LISTEN” was the theme of this years parade. While the Parade is always great, it was a little less political than in past parades. I’ve always thought the Dutch boys had it made. Dutch gays have had rights the American gays have been fighting to get for years! Since this blog is about my writing, let me tell you how being in Amsterdam, chills me out and inspires many of the stories that I have written that take place in Amsterdam one of my favorite cities in all the world. “I’LL BE DAMNED” and “DANIEL DOES AMSTERDAM” (due out this Friday) are good examples of what the city does for me.

That’s all for now until the next installment. I look forward to your comments, and ideas. To those who wrote in explaining the posting of pictures to me, thank you so much!!


Cain Berlinger

PS How do I post downloads into text?

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