strangebedfellows_DraftIt’s the 27th of September and its been a hellish month. I ordered the new iPhone which promptly disappeared. So while my partner got his phone I was left staring at the screen in vain. I’ve always felt I was a prisoner of Apple in the first place. Held captive by iTunes. Anyway I DO have the leather case, a least a memento until my phone arrives, sometimes this week.

Then of course my personal demons continue to harass me by ‘helping’ me, by hounding me with automated ‘helpers’. “your call is important to us…”. No, it isn’t. I won’t bore you with my little dramas, the ones that taint my normally jovial life.

Got to see the wonderful Audra MacDonald on Broadway and that was amazing, Two days later I enjoyed Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in Terrence McNally’s its Only a Play. Stockard Channing was a no show but hardly missed. In another blog I might want to bitch about the price of heater tickets and the trash that seem to have access to them, Some other time. This is about my writing experience. Or the things that affect it.

My ongoing battle with my current publisher has so upset me that it has messed with my resolve to finish my current undertaking. I have three stories waiting to complete the last two anthologies for my current publisher.

All Romance ebooks has named my latest STRANGE BEDFELLOWS as a September best pics. I’m very happy with this since its been twice in less than six months that Ive been so honored.

Knowing that these last three tales shall mark the end of my union with my current publisher is bitter sweet. She had made the last few months of my writing, hellish and taken the joy of writing, away from me. On the other hand she has helped me to improve my writing and output. While at the same time questioning my motivation and attempting to keep me in a genre I am eager to leave behind.

It took me over a month to complete a final story that would have normally taken me a week to complete. It is destined to be a series but not with the current publisher who has adamantly determined that our union is done after the anthologies are complete.

I look forward to finishing up my contract with her and look forward to returning to the world of self publishing where I am responsible for my own promotion and the middle man is no longer there. Meaning more money but most important thing is no one looking over my shoulder.

I finished the first two drafts of THE CARETAKERS and I am over the moon. I have big plans for TC so stay tuned. Liberation is close at hand.