Happy New Year ! 

Wow, love em or leave em’ you can’t help but get caught up in the hoopla and commercial whoop de-do of the holidays! Usually I make every effort to be ‘away’ for the holidays to any place that doesn’t suffocate me with joy. it is the time of year  suicide rates go up as we are convinced that our lives are meaningless without biological family and a multitude of ‘friends’. And no matter what we think of our loved ones we should show our REAL appreciation by gifting them big time instead of throughout the year, ‘just because’.

Feeding the needy once a year is not going to fill their bellies throughout the year of social and corporate indifference.  Feeding the children during the holidays is not going to sustain them when they can’t get jobs because of improper education.

No, the holidays isn’t my favorite time of year because no matter what it is, if it’s time sensitive nothing will get done till AFTER the holidays. I couldn’t get my reduced fare card because of the holidays. Was there a rush on metro cards as Christmas gifts?

Oh well, blogs are for rants aren’t they? December was not the best month for me last year and that’s pretty rare. But with the New Year I expect it will all fall back into place with me having a great life with a great partner and some very cool people in my life who spoil me at least a few hours a week.

For the new Year I vow to do everything in my power to heighten my literary profile on the internet using social media and organizations geared to spreading good will among writers. I’ve already made some inroads there, and it IS a full-time job.  I hope those of you who took advantage of the free “Zander’s Place” download (available on my web site) have enjoyed it as much as I have loved creating its hero , ‘Zander Frost’.

Zander’s Place is the Prelude to ‘The Caretakers” which is to be my  first trilogy. Part two of “The Caretakers” is due out in February 2015. Plans are  in place for the cover of this uniquely different tome. The story In a nutshell; Zander is opening a retirement home whose residents are aged but  highly active and talented ‘old guard’ who are into kink and fetish, big time.

The cover of the book will feature  a group of over 60 Leatherman milling about a hotel lobby which is being especially photographed during a Leather event taking place this month in Washington. I hope to preview the cover in a special edition of ‘From the Groin’.

One of the nice things I do like about the holidays (I didn’t say it was ALL bad…) is that you do get to see the smiles that YOU put on someone’s face who didn’t expect it. Even putting a smile on the Grinch’s face has its own rewards.

The Christmas gift I put on my partners face when he got his gift (even though it came a week late) was worth it. I’ll admit I do love getting Christmas presents but I love getting presents year round!IMG_8041

Zander’s Place’ by the way is available in paperback on the bookshelves of The Vroylijk  Boekhandel and Underground  both located in Amsterdam, Holland my second home.

I have sent out a few random calls and shout outs looking for honest reviews of ‘Zander’s Place ‘ and have not heard back from anyone yet.  I realize “its the holidays” but now that they are over I expect to be overcome by the free downloads and unsolicited views and comments coming my way. Don’t let me down guys.  I have only just begun work on book two of the trilogy and I have some fun ideas in mind.

I have found new ideas an inspirations every day of every month and the challenge to me is how to incorporate them all into Zanders life. I am looking forward to doing more in the way of BDSM, Zander and fantasy. While still not to keen on writing romances, fans seem to like  two of my romance anthologies (Love Ties,Love Liaisons)

loveties_Cain-2  loveliaisons_Draft-2

Before I leave you I must share with you something of a very serious concern. Yesterday I googled myself and discovered a lot of sites  in and outside of the USA have been offering free downloads of my books and short stories as well as some with inflated prices as well, none of which neither I or my publishers have seen a penny of. Some of these sites are fraudulent scams and phishing sites and should be avoided. Amazon, Lydian Press, aRe Romances and Barnes and Nobles are legitimate distributers.

I’m once again going to try my damndest to post more on my blog site but no promises. Last year I had a great excuse, I turned out over 50 short stories. This year I plan to produce as much but its going to be as much about Zander’s journey as anything else. I look forward to the journey as much as I hope my readers will. Stay tuned, make comments, and have a great New year,

Cain Berlinger

Don’t forget to download your free copy of….zandersplace_Draft