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Introducing my new website,  I am finally bringing my photographs to the public  and they are now available for viewing AND purchase through the above web site. Please go for a visit and share your thoughts.  The gathering of material and setting up the photography web site took up much my time and I’m afraid my writing may have suffered a bit as a result. Now that the site is up and running I’ll be bringing you samples of my work and get back to the joy of writing.


I hope everyone has had a great Summer, and that you enjoyed the fall and are now ready for the Winter. Time flies and if you’re  busy like me, you tend to ignore  the passage of time until it bites you in the butt “What? it’s Thanksgiving already?”. Thus my explanation for the passage of time between this posting and the last.


Photograph of Man’s Best Friend

When you think of meditation, Amsterdam does not come to mind. For me though, I find it  a great place to play and meditate, and is instrumental in helping me to get organized.  “The Caretakers” is the story behind my mini drama. My early readers know me by the drama in my stories including many of the old Henry endings of which I am so fond. I do enjoy writing about murder and mayhem where the lead characters happen to be gay.That was under my first former publisher.

However, under my current publisher I flourished in the way that my stories became bigger and broader, indeed I had stories to tell. My inner voice was happy with the accumulated knowledge that I wasn’t going to be doing  3 and $4 dollar tales forever. I was grateful that almost all of the stories became part of collected anthologies.

I was coerced by my publisher to do more romances, a genre that I’m not especially comfortable with. As a result I lost some of my fans that had grown to like the edgier tales. Romance readers already had their fill of romance writers.  “The Caretakers” is one of the edgier stories that involve, conflict, lots of sex and answers the question of what happens when we are no longer seen as ‘hot’.


Photograph of fridge containing Fried chicken and Watermelon (european style)


For those of you who did not take the free offered promo copy “Zander’s Place” (still available) , here’s a recap.  protagonist Zander Frost takes on the mission of starting a BDSM ‘retirement’ home for old guard specialists who have have lived long enough to have interesting stories of their own. Zander is the prelude to “The Caretakers” and promises to be an exciting read when its finally done.

Indépendant publishers just have to remember that its all about promotion.Writing the book is the easiest part , getting it into the hands of the reader is the challenge. Use social media as hard and as often as you can. It’s there to be used.

That being said, “The Caretakers”  has been shelved temporarily. My current project is tentatively entitled “Rooftops and Pedophiles”. The book is semi autobiographical told in the first person. It starts in the backrooms of Amsterdam amid memories that drift in an out of my head of the sexual peccadillos  growing up in New York, and Ohio with an already active libido. The childhood stories are well crafted so as not to give the critics and reviewers the wrong idea..

So far the book is a third way done and I expect to have it ready by April  of 2016 . I think my readers will be delighted with the meeting of darkness and light in this new project. Any suggestions for a different title?  Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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Till next time, I remain,

Cain Berlinger