About Me

January 24, 1953, yes, an Aquarian and all that being an Aquarian implies. Born in Cleveland Ohio with a Gemini/Taurus ascendant. We moved to New York when I was seven years old, my mother, younger brother and I. We lived in all five boroughs but settled in Richmond Hill Queens. Since then I got another brother and both my parents are now deceased.

In 1987 while recovering in Europe from major foot surgery I started writing short stories. I wrote about things I knew, which at that time were the gay sex and the fetish communities of which I was, and am still a part of. I submitted and sold outright, 25 typewritten short stories to TOY and MRSM magazines which operated out of Denmark but sold throughout the world.

When I returned to the states and purchased my first word processor I re-wrote all of the stories, tweaking, updating, seriously editing those 25 stories. Then I peddled them to prominent gay magazines in the sex industry. Meanwhile back in Europe, a few of my stories had been translated into German.

Later I reworked those 25 stories by changing characters, locations, races and sexual fetishes. Again, more of those sold. Meanwhile I was becoming a better, more prolific writer exploring challenging new ideas. My philosophy is that if you take the sex out of the story, you should still have a good, entertaining tale to tell. Although every now and then …

I let my erotica ventures rest awhile and took a different road with my writing, as I did with my life. In Amsterdam, Europe I owned and operated a gay back room leather bar. Later, once back in the states I became a personal trainer as well as an Interfaith minister, doing two years in a Manhattan Seminary. That’s when I did my self help books on Meditation, Prayer, Health and Fitness under the name RD Cain.

Somewhere in there I did the essay ‘black men in leather’ and ‘sex:in the dungeon’, my free diabetes booklet guide to healthful play during sex. The last two books mentioned have garnered a lot of good will, awards and honorable mention in and outside the industry. That’s enough for now, google the rest. I blush easy. Anything else you want to know on a personal note? Just ask me.

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  1. finance bob said:

    Hey my friend. How have you been. Hope all is well!!

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