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Wanna buy my ebooks?

If you have a Kindle and are shopping from the US, check out my complete list of books available on Amazon here. If you’re shopping from the UK, my books are on Amazon here.

For epub, html, rocket (rb), Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (mobi and prc), and pdf, you can buy from All Romance Ebooks here. To see a complete list of my books you might need to log in – some stuff is too hot for them!

All formats are also available through my publisher, loveyoudivine Alterotica. Their US site is here, and the UK distribution site (if you prefer to buy in sterling) is here.

And that’s not all! Some of my work is available for free – click here. And don’t forget the world’s first black action hero, Hannibal – buy it ONLY from me, here.

3 thoughts on “All Ebooks”

  1. I was trying to find Daddy Ben 1 &6 But I could find them On Amazon .Could you tell me where else I might be able to find them and is it just those 7 in the series Thank you.

    • The Daddy Ben series is availalble from my website or may also check the website.

      Good Luck and thanks for your interest
      Happy Holidays

    • As of August first there will be reissue of Daddy Ben. In a couple of months time all seven stories will be available in one book. ‘Bens Family” I will keep you posted via this site (I hope) the new publishers are Lydian Press.

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