…and a prosperous 2015 !

Happy New Year ! 

Wow, love em or leave em’ you can’t help but get caught up in the hoopla and commercial whoop de-do of the holidays! Usually I make every effort to be ‘away’ for the holidays to any place that doesn’t suffocate me with joy. it is the time of year  suicide rates go up as we are convinced that our lives are meaningless without biological family and a multitude of ‘friends’. And no matter what we think of our loved ones we should show our REAL appreciation by gifting them big time instead of throughout the year, ‘just because’.

Feeding the needy once a year is not going to fill their bellies throughout the year of social and corporate indifference.  Feeding the children during the holidays is not going to sustain them when they can’t get jobs because of improper education.

No, the holidays isn’t my favorite time of year because no matter what it is, if it’s time sensitive nothing will get done till AFTER the holidays. I couldn’t get my reduced fare card because of the holidays. Was there a rush on metro cards as Christmas gifts?

Oh well, blogs are for rants aren’t they? December was not the best month for me last year and that’s pretty rare. But with the New Year I expect it will all fall back into place with me having a great life with a great partner and some very cool people in my life who spoil me at least a few hours a week.

For the new Year I vow to do everything in my power to heighten my literary profile on the internet using social media and organizations geared to spreading good will among writers. I’ve already made some inroads there, and it IS a full-time job.  I hope those of you who took advantage of the free “Zander’s Place” download (available on my web site) have enjoyed it as much as I have loved creating its hero , ‘Zander Frost’.

Zander’s Place is the Prelude to ‘The Caretakers” which is to be my  first trilogy. Part two of “The Caretakers” is due out in February 2015. Plans are  in place for the cover of this uniquely different tome. The story In a nutshell; Zander is opening a retirement home whose residents are aged but  highly active and talented ‘old guard’ who are into kink and fetish, big time.

The cover of the book will feature  a group of over 60 Leatherman milling about a hotel lobby which is being especially photographed during a Leather event taking place this month in Washington. I hope to preview the cover in a special edition of ‘From the Groin’.

One of the nice things I do like about the holidays (I didn’t say it was ALL bad…) is that you do get to see the smiles that YOU put on someone’s face who didn’t expect it. Even putting a smile on the Grinch’s face has its own rewards.

The Christmas gift I put on my partners face when he got his gift (even though it came a week late) was worth it. I’ll admit I do love getting Christmas presents but I love getting presents year round!IMG_8041

Zander’s Place’ by the way is available in paperback on the bookshelves of The Vroylijk  Boekhandel and Underground  both located in Amsterdam, Holland my second home.

I have sent out a few random calls and shout outs looking for honest reviews of ‘Zander’s Place ‘ and have not heard back from anyone yet.  I realize “its the holidays” but now that they are over I expect to be overcome by the free downloads and unsolicited views and comments coming my way. Don’t let me down guys.  I have only just begun work on book two of the trilogy and I have some fun ideas in mind.

I have found new ideas an inspirations every day of every month and the challenge to me is how to incorporate them all into Zanders life. I am looking forward to doing more in the way of BDSM, Zander and fantasy. While still not to keen on writing romances, fans seem to like  two of my romance anthologies (Love Ties,Love Liaisons)

loveties_Cain-2  loveliaisons_Draft-2

Before I leave you I must share with you something of a very serious concern. Yesterday I googled myself and discovered a lot of sites  in and outside of the USA have been offering free downloads of my books and short stories as well as some with inflated prices as well, none of which neither I or my publishers have seen a penny of. Some of these sites are fraudulent scams and phishing sites and should be avoided. Amazon, Lydian Press, aRe Romances and Barnes and Nobles are legitimate distributers.

I’m once again going to try my damndest to post more on my blog site but no promises. Last year I had a great excuse, I turned out over 50 short stories. This year I plan to produce as much but its going to be as much about Zander’s journey as anything else. I look forward to the journey as much as I hope my readers will. Stay tuned, make comments, and have a great New year,

Cain Berlinger

Don’t forget to download your free copy of….zandersplace_Draft

October-November 2014


Its been a busy few weeks. First of all there was the Leather pride week in Amsterdam. It was also the Mr Europe leather Contest with the winner going on to compete at IML in Chicago at the end of May.  There were some beautiful men competing but as we all know, it isn’t just about the LOOK, it’s about brains and attitude.

The party after was pretty awesome! The contest was helix The Church and the ‘After party’ was at Dirty Dicks were yours truly partied till 8am ! Yep the old mans still got it! As always I worked, and worked on The Caretakers: Zander’s Place. This book especially is a real challenge because its the first BDSM novel I’ve ever done. TC will be reviewed by the public and Zander’s Place, will be the first installment open  to reviewers and bloggers.  I am also offering a FREE download of Zander’s Place for a limited time only so get your copy now!

I also got to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Cuckoos Nest bar which my partner and i founded in 1982. It was a great party and it went on till 5am! I once again stayed up till 8am. Amsterdam keeps me young, thats why its always been my… spiritual home. IMG_6698

An d now after  a long haul The Caretakers: Zander’s Place is finally in the final draft before it goes to the editor. ZP is about a young man who wants to preserve the old guard way of life by getting the fetish and kink community to live and work together and this is about his search of getting members of the old guard to work together to make Zander’s vision become a reality.

Meanwhile Island of Lost Men is the latest story of two rival rugby teams who find themselves stranded on a deserted island. Straight men vs Gay men, Egos, sexual tension and fights for leadership make this and intriguing read right up to a rather explosive ending.


While in Amsterdam I visited The Underground which is Amsterdam’s newest fetish store carrying a range of goods is now the second store in Amsterdam to carry several of my titles. It’s very exciting! First Vrolijk Boekhandel on Paleisstraat and now GUnderground on Spuistraat are carrying my books. Thrilling for me.

My new year’s resolution for 2014 was to produce more. I produced plenty not only in terms of e-books but hard digital prints as well! I’m learning more and more about the business and I promise to keep you up to snuff. Learn as I learn!

2015 is going to be awesome in terms of self promotion, starting with my own Wikipedia page. Help!

As many of you know, I am not a fan of the ‘holidays’. Will and I enjoyed a great prime rib at the Braserie on Thanksgiving. Now if we can avoid the rest…..

Meanwhile, if I don’t get back to you before hand,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a great 2014!

And  enjoy my latest offerings for you my fans.

With Respect

Cain Berlinger

September, full of anxiety

strangebedfellows_DraftIt’s the 27th of September and its been a hellish month. I ordered the new iPhone which promptly disappeared. So while my partner got his phone I was left staring at the screen in vain. I’ve always felt I was a prisoner of Apple in the first place. Held captive by iTunes. Anyway I DO have the leather case, a least a memento until my phone arrives, sometimes this week.

Then of course my personal demons continue to harass me by ‘helping’ me, by hounding me with automated ‘helpers’. “your call is important to us…”. No, it isn’t. I won’t bore you with my little dramas, the ones that taint my normally jovial life.

Got to see the wonderful Audra MacDonald on Broadway and that was amazing, Two days later I enjoyed Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in Terrence McNally’s its Only a Play. Stockard Channing was a no show but hardly missed. In another blog I might want to bitch about the price of heater tickets and the trash that seem to have access to them, Some other time. This is about my writing experience. Or the things that affect it.

My ongoing battle with my current publisher has so upset me that it has messed with my resolve to finish my current undertaking. I have three stories waiting to complete the last two anthologies for my current publisher.

All Romance ebooks has named my latest STRANGE BEDFELLOWS as a September best pics. I’m very happy with this since its been twice in less than six months that Ive been so honored.

Knowing that these last three tales shall mark the end of my union with my current publisher is bitter sweet. She had made the last few months of my writing, hellish and taken the joy of writing, away from me. On the other hand she has helped me to improve my writing and output. While at the same time questioning my motivation and attempting to keep me in a genre I am eager to leave behind.

It took me over a month to complete a final story that would have normally taken me a week to complete. It is destined to be a series but not with the current publisher who has adamantly determined that our union is done after the anthologies are complete.

I look forward to finishing up my contract with her and look forward to returning to the world of self publishing where I am responsible for my own promotion and the middle man is no longer there. Meaning more money but most important thing is no one looking over my shoulder.

I finished the first two drafts of THE CARETAKERS and I am over the moon. I have big plans for TC so stay tuned. Liberation is close at hand.

Amsterdam,Parades,Writing and ME

Aug 1, Man do things get away from you when your busy combining work and a good time. You don’t wanna hear about my good times (do you?) Amsterdam, what more can I say? Amsterdam Gay pride week? The party is ongoing till Sunday’s big city blowout. Meanwhile I’m having a serious disagreement on my story “IF I SHOULD DIE” which has been retooled, retitled and sent out for submission outside my current publisher. Still waiting. Like auditioning all over again. Cross your fingers for me guys, I have four submissions out there as i ‘audition’ for additional publishers. With “If I should die” maybe its the unfortunate title that has brought the not-to-great bad luck. I don’t want to say to much about it but publishers who try to ‘teach’ their writers should do so at the beginning of their career not after said writer has successfully published over 500 articles, books, e books, columns etc. In the end I suggested we agree to disagree on several key points one of them being raising the word count from 7k to 25k for an e-zine. This story is still unfolding, here’s hoping that it ends well. There are so many bizarre factors that it could be a story in itself so I’m gonna save it for now. Rejection notices are part of the business.

I’ve realized that romance is not my strongest forte but science fiction, irony and horror just may be the broad brush that’ll allow me to spread my imagination. I’ve been submitting stories to every publisher I can find mostly dealing in those genres. I have to admit its fun thinking about it and actually getting some decent money out of it. Live and learn kiddies, write and earn. in the meanwhile my web developer is getting my book site and other sites all under one roof and so far I like what I see. It’ll go ‘live’ any day now.(As of his posting it is up and running! Live! ) Please tell me what you think of it and give me some feedback. I am being led to believe that I have to really promote and get into you guys head so help me out will you? http://www.cainberlingerbooks..com In the meantime starting a new story today and you are going to love it! May get out of the house today and enjoy the beautiful weather and dance festivities that kick off the weekend here. Amsterdam, with all its wnderfulness does have weird weather, dry ,wet, dry ,we. It’s like they say; if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” 

August 2 and Its finally the end of Gay Pride. Amsterdam takes their Gay folk seriously. The boat parade was as colorful as ever. ‘LISTEN” was the theme of this years parade. While the Parade is always great, it was a little less political than in past parades. I’ve always thought the Dutch boys had it made. Dutch gays have had rights the American gays have been fighting to get for years! Since this blog is about my writing, let me tell you how being in Amsterdam, chills me out and inspires many of the stories that I have written that take place in Amsterdam one of my favorite cities in all the world. “I’LL BE DAMNED” and “DANIEL DOES AMSTERDAM” (due out this Friday) are good examples of what the city does for me.

That’s all for now until the next installment. I look forward to your comments, and ideas. To those who wrote in explaining the posting of pictures to me, thank you so much!!


Cain Berlinger

PS How do I post downloads into text?

illbedamned draft



Hamburg to Amsterdam

July- August Blog From Hamburg to Amsterdam

Another great day in Hamburg. Feels good to get out of NYC for awhile and away from overwhelming issues that you just don’t wanna deal with NOW. Spent a lot of time in Dragon Sauna where not only are the men hot but the food is fantastic. Since when has your bath house offered fine dining? Today I’m close to finishing up a submission to yet another publishing house and once again exploring self publishing. I also decided today to try and keep a diary so tat I can get my blog more “out there” ad push my books more. Since joining a new publisher in January sales have taken a dip. My writing hasn’t changed that much but my publisher has. I promised this would be the year I focus seriously on my writing and I have and will continue to do so. Now if someone would just show me how to post pictures in my blog. I got my Gay-leather party dates all mixed up for Hamburg but I believe we will be in Amsterdam in time for their Gay & leather bash and maybe come back to Hamburg for theirs (although unfortunately I doubt it). Got a deadline to make….7/27/14

7/2714 Hamburg train an adventure, first car had family of Americans who couldn’t read seat numbers and the next one was full of sloppy girls who must have been on the train all their lives. Thus the mess, but I managed to finish the story BODY PERFECT and A LOVE IN PROGRESon my laptop. I’ve been informed by my publisher tha my titles are to ‘obscure’ and I have to punch them up. (read:sex em up) I can’t wait to get into Amsterdam!

7/28/14 Oh man, trying to remain an author and stay relevant is hard work, fun and challenging at the same time. But first you’ll need a publisher who knows what their job is beside lining up distributers. If I have to do all the promotion what do I need a publisher for when there are people like promo promotions out there willing to do all that and more for a nominal cost. There goes a lot of the headache. I’ve always been my own boss, even when I first started self publishing and selling my books out of my back pack at local and international leather events. (The book is/was “Black men in Leather” still available on Amazon). Went out to face the sunshine after being inside all day working on editing Body Perfect my latest, one of my latest forays into the land of romance writing. I hate writing romance stories. Although I’m in a great relationship myself, I don’t ‘dig’ romance stories. I think I mentioned being in the market for an additional publisher. Turns out many want romance stories. I think my strengths lie in irony, and maybe science fiction. I have to find a way to combine the commercial and the artistic. (Romance with Science fiction) As of late other writer friends of mine have been turning me on to all kinds of Science Fiction sites and publishers looking for submissions so that might be my next step on this journey. BY the way be sure and check out my brand new refurbished blog!! www.cainberlingerbooks.com it combines all my other interests under one roof!

I welcome your input, ideas and your comments!

Cain Berlinger

PS Once again I’m going to try and input some pictures!!

Hamburg and some iconic bars….

Sorry pics didn’t make it (me crying)

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