RD Cain

RD Cain is the name I use when I feel that I really need to make a statement that will alter the lives of my readers. I have a website here specifically for my health and fitness work. The Cain on Fitness Series is not just about getting into sound physical shape but good shape mentally as well. R D is actually short for Reverend Doctor. I spent two years in the Interfaith Ministry learning about other religions and how they apply to individual thought and life preparation. I studied at the Clayton School of healing and there I learned some of the ‘old ways’ when it came to nutrition, barks and tree root.

At any rate ‘Reverend Doctor’ seemed a bit lofty for books on fitness no matter how well intentioned, so RD Cain was born. The self help meditation book is also gleaned a bit from what I have gathered over the years. Although I am extremely proud of my erotica roots I did not want it to overshadow other things that I am trying to do. In the long run it is all about possessing a healthy mind, spirit and body, and sexuaIity. I hope that you will find the time to find out there true meanings and apply them to where they can do the most good for you, then pass the messages on! Have a good read!

Click here for all my health and fitness books.

I also have a free ebook available, called Essentials of Health of Fitness. Download now!

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