Love, Hannibal

Sexy stories, great reading AND an adult coloring book! Cain’s ever-popular erotic writing illustrated by 118 black and white drawings! PLUS Every order receives a box of coloring pencils, FREE! Buy through Paypal HERE.

Hannibal Rex made his debut in Denmark in 1988 in TOY/Mr SM as The First Black Sex Action Hero. In America HR made his American Debut in magazines BLACK LEATHER IN COLOR, and e-zine AMERICAN KINK.

Hannibal makes his most spectacular appearance in this glossy highly illustrated book (over 100 illustrations) chronicling Hannibal’s Adventures in beautiful black and white drawings. Cain Berlinger has enlisted the talents of several well-known artists who have rendered their versions of the hottest black man in illustrated homoerotic history!

Artists such as Jaime Morales, Michael Mitchell, Neil Bruce, Ethan Young and others help make this a one of a kind. 20 hot stories, and each one comes with at least five illustrations by top artists! That’s over 100 original one of a kind renderings!! Buy it for the artwork, save it for the readings. Buy direct at $24.99 with $3.95 shipping.

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