July- August Blog From Hamburg to Amsterdam

Another great day in Hamburg. Feels good to get out of NYC for awhile and away from overwhelming issues that you just don’t wanna deal with NOW. Spent a lot of time in Dragon Sauna where not only are the men hot but the food is fantastic. Since when has your bath house offered fine dining? Today I’m close to finishing up a submission to yet another publishing house and once again exploring self publishing. I also decided today to try and keep a diary so tat I can get my blog more “out there” ad push my books more. Since joining a new publisher in January sales have taken a dip. My writing hasn’t changed that much but my publisher has. I promised this would be the year I focus seriously on my writing and I have and will continue to do so. Now if someone would just show me how to post pictures in my blog. I got my Gay-leather party dates all mixed up for Hamburg but I believe we will be in Amsterdam in time for their Gay & leather bash and maybe come back to Hamburg for theirs (although unfortunately I doubt it). Got a deadline to make….7/27/14

7/2714 Hamburg train an adventure, first car had family of Americans who couldn’t read seat numbers and the next one was full of sloppy girls who must have been on the train all their lives. Thus the mess, but I managed to finish the story BODY PERFECT and A LOVE IN PROGRESon my laptop. I’ve been informed by my publisher tha my titles are to ‘obscure’ and I have to punch them up. (read:sex em up) I can’t wait to get into Amsterdam!

7/28/14 Oh man, trying to remain an author and stay relevant is hard work, fun and challenging at the same time. But first you’ll need a publisher who knows what their job is beside lining up distributers. If I have to do all the promotion what do I need a publisher for when there are people like promo promotions out there willing to do all that and more for a nominal cost. There goes a lot of the headache. I’ve always been my own boss, even when I first started self publishing and selling my books out of my back pack at local and international leather events. (The book is/was “Black men in Leather” still available on Amazon). Went out to face the sunshine after being inside all day working on editing Body Perfect my latest, one of my latest forays into the land of romance writing. I hate writing romance stories. Although I’m in a great relationship myself, I don’t ‘dig’ romance stories. I think I mentioned being in the market for an additional publisher. Turns out many want romance stories. I think my strengths lie in irony, and maybe science fiction. I have to find a way to combine the commercial and the artistic. (Romance with Science fiction) As of late other writer friends of mine have been turning me on to all kinds of Science Fiction sites and publishers looking for submissions so that might be my next step on this journey. BY the way be sure and check out my brand new refurbished blog!! www.cainberlingerbooks.com it combines all my other interests under one roof!

I welcome your input, ideas and your comments!

Cain Berlinger

PS Once again I’m going to try and input some pictures!!

Hamburg and some iconic bars….

Sorry pics didn’t make it (me crying)

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