What a big much ado about nuthin’! I prefer Europe’s Carnival, that starts on November 11, at 11pm and generally go to January or February. Too much? Yeah, maybe a bit, but one night? Hardly seems worth the estimated four billion dollars a year Americans spend on it, but it is enjoyed and celebrated by big kids and little kids alike, and who am I to begrudge the 99% a reason to get silly. Party on America!

Since my (soon to be) eight months bout with a staph infection, that knocked me on my ass I have become a lot more charitable toward friends and acquaintances and mankind in general. I have really learned the meaning of ‘family’. Simply put, like the song, they may not be there when you want them but they are always right on time! I am happy to say I have over the years, through no conscious effort of my own amassed not one,not two, but three or four ‘families’ that love the hell out of me. Unaware of much of this love till recently I haven’t in my mind returned it in kind. That’s going to change, now that I know just how quietly people chose to care.

I have tried to focus on three things that I love the best, writing, promoting my sex website and parties. The rest of the time I lie about thinking of new ways to add to all three and when that’s done I fall asleep from exhaustion, not physical but mental. I watch a lot of television as white noise behind me and occasionally glean an idea or two or three. I now walk temporarily with a cane, a handsome silver tipped cane given to me by my very supportive partner. “Cain on Cane.” Make all the jokes you want and get them out of your system. Ha ha. They say if you do the thing (s) you really love, you’ll get rich from it eventually. I’m waiting, patiently I might add. I am certainly doing the things I love best.

Good Night Estevan received its first criticism in my kitchen when a friend informed me that the Spanish name was misspelled. To late for corrections I merely attributed the awkward spelling to Estevan’s rebellious nature. Good Night Estevan is about two men who are passionate about their country but less demonstrative of their passion when it comes to the personal. This is a Rock Hudson/ Doris Day romance with a savage turn to match a savage environment. Estevan is never NOT sweating and Ramirez is never NOT lusting. Here is foreplay the way REAL men do it, I’d imagine.

Halloween could not have been a better time to release Cain Berlinger’s Darkside. It’s all about things that not only go bump in the night but bump inside the protagonist’s head. Almost every lead character in the many stories wrapped up in Darkside, all have ‘issues’ , issues of intensity, of obsession, involvement, and sexual deviancy in many of its assorted forms. It just proves as I’ve said before that not all monsters are ghoulish green goblins, sometimes they look like you and me. And the faces we wear are the masks of others. It’s always fun to play with the characters when you know that for the moment they are safely consigned to the pages of your book. For now.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!

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