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photo of Cain seatedWell I hope everyone has been having a good Summer despite the crazy weather we’ve been having all over the place. There is an advantage to being stuck indoors because of a faulty foot, and that would be the A/C. Not just keepin me cool but the foot isn’t allowed to sweat, it seems to much moisture is at the fault of the whole foot infection thing.

What have I done to keep my mind off the pain and the whole bloody business? I’ve done what any writer would do, I write. After having completed the final touches on CANYON RANCH, MORPHINE, and BEDTIME STORIES (galleys, covers etc) I went treasure hunting on all my flash drives for things I could use on the site and some possibly missing stories that I may have abandoned for one reason or another.

One such story I found was a mystery novella I wrote over ten years ago. I remember the story going through many title changes until I settled on BUCKY because at the time the lead character’s name was Bucky. It isn’t any more.

Bucky as it turned out needed a lot of rewrites just on the opening chapter alone, where not only did I have to familiarize myself with the characters again but try and remember who done what to whom. In many of my short stories, I often plan on one thing and the story will write itself, often taking me into a whole nother direction. This is not always true, especially in the case of Bucky. I also didn’t have much in the way of sexual content and now that I’m a bona fide sensualist I felt I should throw in a few scenes to highlight the action.

Lo and Behold I also discovered that out of 20 (I guess) chapters 2-9 and 19-20 are missing. Well, I could chuck the whole thing or try and piece it together. No doubt it would have proved much better in rewrites so I decided what the hell. I don’t want to say I quit a project just because it challenging

I have two other stories in my head that I want to do but I’ve made a deal with myself that I’m going to finish what I’ve started! I also have a story about rain that I submitted to someone years ago in a contest and can’t find the copy or whom I even sent it to. Maybe one of out there may have seen it…..it was a contest entry that I think I lost.

So I’m spending some time piecing Bucky together and hope to be pleased with the result anytime in the next few weeks.

I started writing when I was kid in grade school, then graduated to comic books (no, I didn’t do comic co as much as I wanted to, I love San Diego!) but gave it up when every Art High School turned me down. Even to this day I’m not sure whether it was my grades or that just didn’t have the talent. Well, I’ve found something I can do now and I’m going to stick with it. And in no time this foot will be back to health and I’ll be up and line dancing to Jace Everetts “Bad Things”.

PLEASE I hope all of you are signing my guest book with your comments, good bad or suggestions. This is where I love getting to know my readers and they get to know me!

Thanks for all your well wishes and support! Watch this site, there’s more a’comin!